Poker nights

Buy in starts at $10 and buy backs are double buy ins. Our bigger tables have greater buy ins. The table last night was at our house. Table was packed, 8 seats total, and every one had a full belly. Usually we start at 9 pm and end around 2 or 3 am. Last night’s game was pretty intense and bank accounts were destroyed, friendships ruined, people got wasted, love was lost, anything and everything happened last night.

Could I use 4 words to describe last night?

A good fucking night!

That is how mf. That is all I ask in my life.


Hinesville 6 out of 10

The people we met here who were locals were all pretty decent for a southern town. Not a lot of racism here, military town, a good mix of people from all over the state as well. The town is undergoing an expansion and are starting with adding in fine dining. Drawing out more crowds from the local area. The town was very small, seven stop lights one direction kind of small. The finest establishment there food wise was a chilis. They are currently building a Long horn which should bring in more people. But overal I liked this place. The people at Waffle House were funny last night. Maddie, the server had me and my brother cracking up! Cash me out side! Lol over and over again with the meme-ology hahaha. I’ll go back to that waho. The holiday inn we stayed at was good to. More spacious than I thought would be. Associates at the hotel were lit! Donald was out cookie plug and Janel was our humor for the night last night. 

Overall a good stay. 

Recap on errythang…

Not as good as Nick but it will do.

These have changed the mf game.

Front Desk MVP at Holiday inn

So we leave the hotel for the morning and see the front desk guy Donald. He said the same greeting as everybody else, “how is your stay”? I always reply with I could use more strippers but hey at least you got yogurt. As we started to leave I remembered that I did not get my cookies the night before. I had to tell him, I need those cookies and I need them now! While talking my offer was a nasty looking banana, 2 cups of yogurt that he could have grabbed from the fridge, and a stripper I had yet to receive. Hence the note lol.

You can see our video on Instagram for the unveiling. 

But I actually got it here soooooooo

My Music Mood (That triple M)

My music mood for traveling lately had been my fish fry playlist on Spotify. However, due to recent drops in sexy ass new music I have made a different playlist. Please enjoy these sounds. Don’t let the titles sway your listening. These are legitness.

 Fish Fry


Rain on the road

Since we didn’t depart on time we have to drive at night. The drive was not that bad. Driving however through multiple storms was not awesome. The first two waves of the storm was not bad at all. But then the third wave hit us hard af. When we exited the last storm we thought we were in the clear. We had about a 45 minutes of dry time but right when we thought we were in the clear we enter the third wave. Dear sweet baby Jesus! The storm hit at least three times as hard. People had to pull over on he road as we drove by. Everyone including us reduced our speed and proceeded with caution. Added about 30 minutes on our overall time. Many cars hydroplaned off the road. Mustangs, camrys, ford fusions, all of them ran off the road. 

Road trip to Hillside Georgia.

Heading out for Georgia today, typically we leave early to avoid driving at night. Especially during the winter, we try to avoid driving dangerously. However, during the summer it is not as bad. Today we are running late. We gotta pack the car with all the essentials and hit the road no later than 2:30pm. Let us see how this trip goes.

Boiling pot 

This place in Charlotte NC is down to earth, retro, , it’s called the Boiling Pot. What we ate there tonight was called a Hot Pot. Awesome food, unlimited food, tasty, strong smells, and new things (like an actual squid).

Here is some back ground on this place.

China has a rich hot pot history that can be traced back more than 1,000 years. Mongol horsemen would fill their overturned helmets with water, place them in embers to simmer and add meat and vegetables. As the Mongols traveled throughout China, they began to create their own unique dishes by adding local ingredients. Today, you can enjoy a delicious hot pot meal (no helment required) at Boiling Pot. So bring your family and friends and create your own dining history. (From the website) Boiling Pot website

We start the Hot Pot by checking on a list of every thing you want. Meats, veggies, broths, fungi, sauces, desserts, and appetizers. After every is submitted we then start receiving our appetizers first. We usually get shrimp, wing, pot stickers, and fries. After we eat those the house starts to bring out the veggies and other easily prepped foods for the hot pot. Meats usually come out last but if you order seafood it will come out before hand. While mountains of food head towards you, you being at the table start the table burner to get the broth boiling. When you are bubbling you are ready to start cooking! The pots here have broth dividers. Dividing the pan in half you have a chance to have a second broth. We had miso, szechuan, and there house for the day. We always have a grand time here. We always spend a minimum of two hours here each time. 

Please go enjoy this place in rainy days with people you love and or tolerate to a degree.