TSA 1/20/17 part 2

My favorite part is and always will be the scanning of our items we are carrying onto the plane. Aka TSA’s real job, the “Screening process”. I love this part!! So I Leave things in my carry on that I know that will get flagged. Hahaha I know, I know, why would you do something as dumb as that? Who do you keeps our country safe? TSA? Air Marshals? The government? Nope, This guy right here. I am a Mother Fucking super hero! You are so welcome you peons 😂. 

I keep items I know that’ll get flagged in my bag just to get flagged. So In return my bag(s) gets flagged and pushed aside on the screening belt. Those bags get moved aside to undergo further screening which is really a personal search with your favorite TSA heroes. 

They usually say the same stuff like you shouldn’t carry these things, why do you have a knife, that looks illegal, or are you serious. They give the spiel about things you can and cannot have. After that you decide the fate of these items, usually I either toss them or mail them home. You do have the option to mail them home but it is not free. I pay for this knowledge.  I am just keeping all of y’all safe. You can thank me later.

Now before the additional screening of my bag I must get my full body scanned for safe passage through the land of TSA called The Security Check point. I will not lie to you, this is in all honesty. Out of ten times I usually get flagged about 9 times. Maybe I’m made of metal? Or have some kind of alien metal in me like our Favorite cat Logan. After not passing the screen you are asked a series of questions. You have been flagged ma’am or sir, we have to do an additional screen or search on you. Would you prefer a private screen or a public screen. I usually say public cause I like the rush but the private option is still there as well. After they clear you and your bags you are free to go to your assigned gate. Today ours is gate 70, right by the Starbucks 👍 


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