Boarding Tips

Boarding a flight may seem horrible but there are some awesome cheats to skip the BS. For one always ask when do the doors close for your specific flight. Sometimes they change due to weather or something of that nature lol (nyak nyak nyak). After you find out wait patiently. Prior to doors closing come roughly 5 to 10 minutes before hand. I’m not telling you to show up to the gate late. Be there by boarding and wait. After you have patiently waited proceed to board. The chaotic kids, elderly slow people, handi assistant people, as well as emotional humans have settled down and given the chance to walk right to your seat. The fact 

Take this time to charge your favorite devices for flight fun. Take the time to download apps like Gogo entertainment (American’s app) or other airline apps to keep you occupied in the air. Ask your gate rep or flight attendants as well for different flight apps. They have free movies and tv shows you can stream to your phone. Everyone does not know this however. Look for the wifi symbol! 


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