Uber ride

On Saturday unless scheduled Hertz on Tryon by my house does not pick you up. Me being myself forgot to schedule the appointment and now I must call an Uber. 

So I proceed to lock up the house and walk towards the parking lot to. I see nobody looking like an Uber and on top of that I’m a little tired. I did the standard I don’t where my Uber in procedure. Walk to the parking lot to towards the road an looked at my phone.  Hopped in the Uber and drove off on time.

I was in a hurry to get to Hertz because they close at 12pm on Saturdays. Currently it is 11:45 and Hertz is 10 minutes from me. So I introduced my self as Khalil or K for short. She responded with Gwen (I feel like her name could be Gwen). As we drive in the Passat, we have begun to chatting about the uses for Ginger. I eat ginger root often and garlic often as well. We were conversing on how that could beneficial to her new regiment. Gwen was a breast cancer survivor and was telling me her rough battle through cancer. I didn’t poke around much. It was evident she was a cancer survivor. Lack of hair, car smells nice but in a weird way, she had a cancer wrap on her head when I met her, and she was pretty thin and malnourished looking. Our journey came to a close as we pulled into the lottery. I told her that I enjoyed our ride together. You have been given another chance at life, seize it! (if you actually knew me, I actually talk like this). She was tickled and said peace be your journey and that gave me a huge smile. A good friend of mine says that phrase when he goes home. So I told this may sound stupid but I’m proud of you for working hard, congratulations on still being alive, I’m proud of your daughter for keeping it together, and above all else I’m glad you are still alive. She gave me the biggest smile and said that really meant a lot to her. I had to be cool after that and I hope out and said peace be your journey and then slid into Hertz. 

Also yes I made it on time. 



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