Boiling pot 

This place in Charlotte NC is down to earth, retro, , it’s called the Boiling Pot. What we ate there tonight was called a Hot Pot. Awesome food, unlimited food, tasty, strong smells, and new things (like an actual squid).

Here is some back ground on this place.

China has a rich hot pot history that can be traced back more than 1,000 years. Mongol horsemen would fill their overturned helmets with water, place them in embers to simmer and add meat and vegetables. As the Mongols traveled throughout China, they began to create their own unique dishes by adding local ingredients. Today, you can enjoy a delicious hot pot meal (no helment required) at Boiling Pot. So bring your family and friends and create your own dining history. (From the website) Boiling Pot website

We start the Hot Pot by checking on a list of every thing you want. Meats, veggies, broths, fungi, sauces, desserts, and appetizers. After every is submitted we then start receiving our appetizers first. We usually get shrimp, wing, pot stickers, and fries. After we eat those the house starts to bring out the veggies and other easily prepped foods for the hot pot. Meats usually come out last but if you order seafood it will come out before hand. While mountains of food head towards you, you being at the table start the table burner to get the broth boiling. When you are bubbling you are ready to start cooking! The pots here have broth dividers. Dividing the pan in half you have a chance to have a second broth. We had miso, szechuan, and there house for the day. We always have a grand time here. We always spend a minimum of two hours here each time. 

Please go enjoy this place in rainy days with people you love and or tolerate to a degree. 


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