Hinesville 6 out of 10

The people we met here who were locals were all pretty decent for a southern town. Not a lot of racism here, military town, a good mix of people from all over the state as well. The town is undergoing an expansion and are starting with adding in fine dining. Drawing out more crowds from the local area. The town was very small, seven stop lights one direction kind of small. The finest establishment there food wise was a chilis. They are currently building a Long horn which should bring in more people. But overal I liked this place. The people at Waffle House were funny last night. Maddie, the server had me and my brother cracking up! Cash me out side! Lol over and over again with the meme-ology hahaha. I’ll go back to that waho. The holiday inn we stayed at was good to. More spacious than I thought would be. Associates at the hotel were lit! Donald was out cookie plug and Janel was our humor for the night last night. 

Overall a good stay. 

Recap on errythang…

Not as good as Nick but it will do.

These have changed the mf game.

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