Person of the day Briana Sanders 

Briana Sanders was the cool ass chick behind the counter of one of my favorite stops at Dallas love airport. I needed a charger for the phones but also a portable charger for all my wireless devices. We kept chatting and one thing led to another and she let me do a personal interview in regards to My Person of the day.

Here we go..

Briana Sanders was born and raised in Dallas. Briana works at Dallas love airport at a tech store here. Her hobbies include free Lance photography, traveling, friends, and vibing out to good music.

I wanted to know more about tge photography so I began to snoop. Briana has been a photographer most of her life. Her grandmother help with the inspiration as well as her start up. Upon talking about photography all I could see in Briana’s eyes dedication, passion for the art, the drive to keep going, overall I can feel the artistic fire burning. Overall she is a Bamf (Bad ass mother F#cker)

For additional info on your Girl Briana her IG is below 👇

Her Instagram is breezysees Moving along, I started to ask more question in regard to her personal life. 

  • How do you spend your down time? Traveling to relax. Favorite places are downtown Chicago and the West side. Ultimately Photography on the road is what she likes.
  • Is there anything you really want right now? A car, Kia soul silver or red 2013 – 2015. She really likes this car. It happens to be a cool ass car and I fuck with the box cars.
  • What is a dream that you wish to achieve in life?  A business to help rehabilitate incarcerated people back into society. 
  • Who famous have you met? Jamie Foxx, one of drummers ears lol, meet and greet with drake, and the great Andre 3000. She met Mr. 3000 at the movies with his children years ago.
  • Do you ever see yourself leaving Dallas? Yes, saving money for it.
  • Am I creeping you out? Not at all.
  • Who is your role model in life? My mom, through the thick and thin, through the struggles of life her mom held her down.
  • What school did you attend? Tarleton University.
  • How long?4 years
  • What years?2011 – 2015
  • Did you graduate? Yes! With a degree in science and criminal justice.
  • Why did you get this degree? Social change from criminal justice. 
  • Will you use it in the future? She uses it in everyday use.
  • How was your day today? Kind of rough, I thought it was gonna rain. But maybe later. 

    There are many people in this world. Many are alike, many share the same features, many like the same things, and all are trying to survive. In my opinion there is only one Briana Sanders and I had the pleasure of talking with her today. She was very supportive with this first post. I hope to do more. But






    I’ll see you later

    You are an interesting person


    May peace be your journey. 


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