Person of the Day Terrell Thomas

So today I had the pleasure of interviewing Terrell Thomas.

His occupation is a low voltage field technician. So other facts about his job is he just got into this over a year ago. His cousin helped put him on to the trade.

Here are my questions:

  • How was your day? A rough one. A lot of work to be done today. We got 12 cameras and they will not be easy. 
  • What is making today so rough? To put literal,  the trust needed with working with others is hard. Can you elaborate? Yeah, it is hard cause they are not you, so you don’t know what they did unless you check. Too much back and forth. 
  • Do you like your job? Yeah I actually do. It is right up my alley. For a long time I did customers service , retail, tried the  food industry, and worked at the old spaghetti factory. Lead busser at Spaghetti factory. 

Its funny how life is. Growing up my people would say my father was a jack of all trades master of none. Coincidentally I grew up to be just like him. Life is funny like that.

  • Do you wanna leave this trade? Nah, I Kind of want to stick with the field tech and see where I go. I like it and want to stick with it. 

So we get talking about his OG benefactor who put him on. How Terrell cousin started doing it first and then put him on. But lately, his cousin who has been expanding at am alarming rate. His cousin just bought a fleets of vans, hired on 8 or 9 techs, and is taking on multitudes of calls and jobs. Starting as a one man show transforming into this big shot running things. His benefactor is coming up quick in the game in Cali. Which Terrell is proud of.

Chit chatting about michigan, he told me a lil about his Grandma on his dad side. Her size is 5 even and she from Canada. Now im thinking my people short to from michigan. Is that a region thing? Anywho, they moved to the upper Peninsula of Michigan in the early years of Terrell’s fathers life and around the Father’s 10th bday mover to California. His father was 5.5  and mother in a close range. But ya boi Terrel is 5.11 and 3/4.

Getting back the real question:

  • What do you wanna be when you grow up? “A success” (he told me to quote it).
  • Who is/was your role model in life? Emmitt Smith is my guy,  but my mom is the one who every one depends on. I can relate. My Homies say the same about me. How I Look out for the homies.
  • Who did you try to be like when you were younger? P Diddy and mase. Before Mase left and mase when he was in welcome back. ~welcome back!
  • Who do you strive to be like?  Be like his cousin. Make money, live a successful life, lead my people. 
  • What are some of your personal goals in life? Save more money. 
  • How can you help your community or people? I need to be a success, I can take care of mines when I become successful, I could make some changes especially if I had the money. 
  • What is your favorite drink? I feel cold ass coke.
  • Alcoholic drinks? Good beer, Guinness on tap. Nothing taste better than a Guinness on tap.
  • Favorite Food? Spaghetti by Madre. Meat sauce and mushrooms. I probably make the best spaghetti.


  • What would you tell the past you 10 years ago? Wish I knew about trade schools in highschool, get a trade, have a game plan. Wish a trade was in my future and I could do it . Hard work. Good money. 
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Comfortable with what I need. Not working hard, not ashy and dirty and shit. Nice Suit with a power tie running shit. 

Did you enjoy the interview? Yeah that shit was hard. 

Your favorite saying?  All of these.

You gotta do what you supposed to do whether somebody watching or not. 

-First Grade Teacher

A set back is a set up for a come back. 

-Camp Counselor 

Looking back on life, everybody comes to a fork in the road, you choose what path that takes you to the next level, whether you take it or not it’s up to you.

-Terrell Thomas 

Ig @_909_
 Yo Terrell was cool ass dude. Constantly trying to move forward in life instead of wasting away. He wants to be something rather than just exist. Lastly, he supports the people he loves not because he has to but because he wants to. He is truly an interesting person. 

– Gift of gab 

We do the things we have to so we can do the things we want to – JB


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