California round two

I traveled to the calm, warm, and civilized west coast this past week. This is my second time being out here. The first was 2 years ago the 23rd and 24th of December. Being out was a truly wonderful experience. The people I met out here were all pretty cool, places were all new, and the state itself was so unique.

During my duration in Cali, I have started a new segment with this blog called person of the day. I am considering doing person of the week instead. That would 52 people vs 365 too any interviews. I encountered the normal amount of people I usually encounter when I travel. That number varies depending on my stay. Ranging from 10 people daily to about 60 in an average business week. One of the people I met was Briana Sanders in the Dallas love airport. She was my first person on the new segment. She was very open about everything. Very down to earth, easy going, cute, and also cool as hell. Those are some of the factors and traits I like when I interview people. During her interview I tried to establish a guideline for questions but failed to do so. She was a free spirit doing her own thing when she wanted, living by the creed of Humans. People like Briana live life to the fullest and eventually reach what they are after.

We do the things we have to

so we can do the things we want to do

Terrel Thomas was the second person who allowed me to interview him. I met him on our job site and he shared the same charismatic traits as Briana. Which allowed him to open up a lot easier than other potential candidates. Terrel who was very similar to Briana was also trying to be successful in life. Wanting to further his schooling in his field of work. The two of them make me want to strive to do better for myself. They make me want to have a goal, a vision, or a dream.

While traveling around we traveled through other cities but made stops in some cool places. 

Palm Springs was one of the first places we went to to grab supplies. A desert city.

Riding through the mountains from Yucca Valley to Palm Springs was surreal to. Living on the east coast, I don’t see mountains covered in sand or dry earth often. So you know I had to take pics. 

All of southern Cali was cool. Especially the people in these desert cities. Yucca Valley was okay but small, Palm Springs was small but a beauty. 

Compton was nothing how I thought and heard it would be. Being so close to LA, it is hard to believe that the city is low key beautiful. The area gives off a sense of poverty or hard times but the parks, the restaurants, and the people are built sturdy. I was not expecting all the black people I saw. Ridiculous how many black people I saw out there. I liked seeing so many black faces in the area. Also in recent years to decades more minorities have been coming in to the area which boost those numbers way waaay up.

Here is one pic I like.

I don’t know if it is a church, holy ground, or what. But it was Huge (Donald Trump voice).

My trip was long and sweet. It was cool and I had warm fun in Cali in February!


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