Saturday with the kids

Jabriel Antley is 12yrs old and he goes to ranson middle school. His favorite thing to do at school is football. “Football is life” is what he told me. Jabriel’s favorite subject to study is English and the one subject that he works the hardest with is math. When you grow up, what would you like to be? I wanna be a football player and play for the Panthers and Cowboys. If they don’t suck when I’m old enough.

Joseph Antley, 12 twins with Jabriel. He attends Ranson like the brother Jabriel, Football is his favorite thing to do in and out of school. English is his favorite subject. Math is the one subject he works the hardest in as well. He strives to be a Football player when you grow up. Same as brother. But he chooses to be with the Panther nation.

Jada Antley is 14 yrs old goes to Ranson middle. She is in 8th grade and is the eldest of her siblings. English is favorite subject in school. Like her brothers she strives for better grades in social studies. 

Kendal Mcniel 12 yrs old, ridge road middle 6th grade. Favorite subject social studies, hated is English. When you grow wanna be a basketball player play for the Sparks. Listening to music and working on school work. 

Trenten Mcniel 15yrs old , today is his bday, hopewell high, freshmeat, business and finance, science, nfl player he don’t care.  

Cameron Bolton 11 ranson, 6th grade, social studies. Science is hated. Nfl player  don’t care what team. 

Joshua Dobbin 11 yrs, 5th hornets nest elementary favorite subject science.  Hated social studies. Nfl player Dallas 

Payton Sanford 14 yrs, mallard creek 9th, favorite subject science and hated reading. Mathmatician and scientist. 


03/12/17 Charlotte snow storm

Waking up after a great night out with friends is not hard for me or any of our friends. Getting up early is a different ordeal. Luckily I didn’t drink last night before going bowling. I passed out around 3:30 and woke up today at 8am. 41/2 hrs of sleep. Decent enough right? I head to grab my mom and she takes me to the airport. Note that it was snowing last night and we live in Charlotte NC. So driving this morning was a breeze to the airport. Nobody dared to drive due to the “storm”. So we were making our way downtown, moving fast, super dead-ass and I checked in. Note again that the snow on the ground was not even an inch. I get into my seat by my gate and start the waiting game. 30 minutes before our departure and no announcement. So time Starts flying by 10:45am turns to 11:45am, then 12pm to 12:15pm. While sitting I started to hear chatters that got lost in transmission. People were changing original stories to crazy ass stories. Around noon, people started to ask pilots after the counter service couldn’t give us answers. Apparently all of the outbound planes were frozen over. They did not have the technology to defrost the bad boys. So we were waiting on planes to get defrosted. So that message got lost in translation immediately after the 6th person. Like a child’s game of telephone. I had fun watching the reactions from what they thought the reasons were for our late departures. At one point it got to there was a body found 

Person of the week

This is a new exciting person for my blog! Get ready for my next contender! 


Introduce yourself to the blog dude!

Hi, my name is Giovanni Alejandro Abad, 22 years old, turning 23 august 22nd. 

How was your day today? Other than putting up with idiotic people not so bad. What is your job? Varies. Welding, security (alarm audio visual), painting, and construction. What are hobbies, drawing, building PC, wood carving, metal carving, ceramics. So you’re very artsy? Since childhood. Tattoo are a medium for art. Can we talk a little more aboit your ink? Yeah man. How many tattoo do you have? 4 in total but ones a cover up. Can we show our viewers what I see? Go for it Dude. 

Ok the 1st tattoo was a yin and yang koi fish. Black and white swimming in the traditional opposing circle. I got it in highschool. It was during my rebel phase. Just doing stupid shit and being me

Look for the koi fish

My 2nd tattoo is my happy tat. I was in love with the pic since the moment I saw it. Everytime I see it something is sparked in me and I feel happiness. It literally created the emotion and the feeling of happiness.

3rd tattoo, the cover up. When did you get it? About 5 months ago. Represents a Leo with rasta tendencies. The tattoo covers the koi fish. I am more than just a human. I am me.

4th tattoo, koi fish v2 (good vibes) this koi fish tattoo is more of what i wanted. The yin and yang was done well in this piece. This is THE redo tattoo for the original koi fishes. I wanted it more detailed. The original was too simple. I got haters so to shut the haters down I got the lower calf tattoo. 

Here are some more questions:

What do you wanna be when you grow up? Haven’t figured it out yet. Too many outlets not enough time.

Who are some of your idols in life? Traits. I like the traits in people that I like. I keep the good, discard the bad. 

Have any siblings? 2 sister one brother. One of the sisters is a twin. Eldest sister, brother, twin sister and the Giovanni.

Where do you live? Houston aka Alief (SWAT) Texas. Born and raised 22 years. 

Do you ever wanna leave Texas? Always thought about it. But nah, I’d get home sick. 

If you can tell your 18 year old self something, what would you say? Take advantage of what you have. Learn more, learn more useful things! 

Is there a place you want to go? New Zealand. Why? Too chill. No problems super chill. 

Do you have somebody you’d die for? My mom. But Yeah of course and if I can add another person to the question I would die for my niece Juliana who has Down syndrome and has had open heart surgery as a baby.

Are you bilingual? Of course Spanish and English. 

Did enjoy this interview? Hell yeah 

Did I scare you? Nah Dude.

That concludes the interview. I enjoyed my interview with Gio who was a pretty chill Dude. He was also cool to work along side while working in the same space. If yall are ever in texas remember to visit Alief!! SWAT GANG!! 

If you wanna follow my boy GIO you can follow him on the gram @gioaletx