03/12/17 Charlotte snow storm

Waking up after a great night out with friends is not hard for me or any of our friends. Getting up early is a different ordeal. Luckily I didn’t drink last night before going bowling. I passed out around 3:30 and woke up today at 8am. 41/2 hrs of sleep. Decent enough right? I head to grab my mom and she takes me to the airport. Note that it was snowing last night and we live in Charlotte NC. So driving this morning was a breeze to the airport. Nobody dared to drive due to the “storm”. So we were making our way downtown, moving fast, super dead-ass and I checked in. Note again that the snow on the ground was not even an inch. I get into my seat by my gate and start the waiting game. 30 minutes before our departure and no announcement. So time Starts flying by 10:45am turns to 11:45am, then 12pm to 12:15pm. While sitting I started to hear chatters that got lost in transmission. People were changing original stories to crazy ass stories. Around noon, people started to ask pilots after the counter service couldn’t give us answers. Apparently all of the outbound planes were frozen over. They did not have the technology to defrost the bad boys. So we were waiting on planes to get defrosted. So that message got lost in translation immediately after the 6th person. Like a child’s game of telephone. I had fun watching the reactions from what they thought the reasons were for our late departures. At one point it got to there was a body found 


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