Saturday with the kids

Jabriel Antley is 12yrs old and he goes to ranson middle school. His favorite thing to do at school is football. “Football is life” is what he told me. Jabriel’s favorite subject to study is English and the one subject that he works the hardest with is math. When you grow up, what would you like to be? I wanna be a football player and play for the Panthers and Cowboys. If they don’t suck when I’m old enough.

Joseph Antley, 12 twins with Jabriel. He attends Ranson like the brother Jabriel, Football is his favorite thing to do in and out of school. English is his favorite subject. Math is the one subject he works the hardest in as well. He strives to be a Football player when you grow up. Same as brother. But he chooses to be with the Panther nation.

Jada Antley is 14 yrs old goes to Ranson middle. She is in 8th grade and is the eldest of her siblings. English is favorite subject in school. Like her brothers she strives for better grades in social studies. 

Kendal Mcniel 12 yrs old, ridge road middle 6th grade. Favorite subject social studies, hated is English. When you grow wanna be a basketball player play for the Sparks. Listening to music and working on school work. 

Trenten Mcniel 15yrs old , today is his bday, hopewell high, freshmeat, business and finance, science, nfl player he don’t care.  

Cameron Bolton 11 ranson, 6th grade, social studies. Science is hated. Nfl player  don’t care what team. 

Joshua Dobbin 11 yrs, 5th hornets nest elementary favorite subject science.  Hated social studies. Nfl player Dallas 

Payton Sanford 14 yrs, mallard creek 9th, favorite subject science and hated reading. Mathmatician and scientist. 


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