Jiffy lube people 

I’m in the waiting room getting my oil changed. I sit next to a guy who is bumming it like me. Sweats, a hoodie, shoes not all the way on, aka bun gear. So im chilling, I’m playing chess and my Guy talking to the receptionist about his car. I hear his island accent and underneath that I hear a northern accent. I guessed Queens than Bronx. He is from Brooklyn! Fml! I didn’t guess right! We start talking about where im from. The Automatic/default response after you ask somebody where are you from is it always pointed at you. Where are you from? So we keep talking about Charlotte and the new and fun things coming here. He ready for the change but worried for the kids. He continues to say that he ain’t worried about his kids. They have Trinidad running through they veins. I laughed and that is how I started my morning today.


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