Wandering the streets

I was in a beautiful state last week. Inside this beautiful state was a majestic city surrounded by high mountains on one side and smaller ones on the other side. I was in the city of Colorado Springs. Upon getting there I did what any person would do. I made my way to the best dispensary in the area. Cannabicare inc was the place to go from the Google reviews. So I made my way to the holy spot. Little did I know you cannot purchase Mary Jane recreationally in Colorado Springs. You may only purchase it with valid credentials. State ID and a valid medical card from a Colorado practice. Outside the city limits you may purchase away but inside is a no go. On my way to the dispensary I noticed a slight increase in homeless people. Rising higher and higher as I drove by. The people ranged from 18 to early 40s. I was amazed at this turn out. It was astounding to see people younger than me on the street. I didn’t know what to do. As I pulled into the parking lot a guy came up to me asking for change. I told him I don’t have no real money either. I offered to get him some food but he told me he just ate as well as people do that often. This kid was only 19 years old!!!! Why would you do this to yourself? I want to smoke Ganja whenever I want to, he replied. Really?! Yep, I’m my own boss, I have a place to sleep, I can smoke whenever, life is good. After that he walked away content. I met with other wanderers at different places I visited in Colorado. It is crazy to me! I could never do that! F#ck that!