The Adventures of Super Tio and Friends:ย 

As Super Tio and Super Capa flew back to his home they saw smoke!

The amount of smoke was crazy!

They stopped to investigate.

There was a road below the smoke.

There was 1……2….lights inside the smoke.

What could it be?

It was a car!

The car had so much smoke coming out of it that it was hard to see. 

Super Tio and Super Capa walked over and saw a rabbit in the car.

The rabbit was scared.

He could not stop thumping his foot.

Super Capa ran to the rabbit to calm him down. 

Super Capa is so nice๐Ÿ˜

The two of them walked to the back of the car.

The rabbit and Super Capa began to push the car while Super Tio cleared the smoke out the way. 

Next to the trio was a empty parking lot


Super Capa and the rabbit got the car parked in the empty parking lot.

Once the smoke finally cleared the rabbit’s car was actually a bunny car! 

The car was a cute bunny pink and green.

Mr. Rabbit are you ok now? Asked Super Capa

I am fine thanks to you heroes! Said the Mr. Rabbit

After Mr. Rabbit gave our heroes carrots he hopped to work and made it on time. 

Super Tio wishes he had bunny car.

He could not stop petting the bunny car.

He love a bunnies๐Ÿ˜


Menace at the storeย 

Super Tio was very hungry And wanted food!

Super Tariq said to go to the grocery store for yummy Fruit!

So we flew to the store like super heroes! *swoosh*

We landed and walked inside.

Super Tio saw his favorite fruit. PEACHES!!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Super Tio had to decide

If he could He would take all of the peaches Or just take one.

But Super Tio is not evil, so he will only get one. 
Super Tio saw the biggest most delicious peach there

He reached for the peach and suddenly saw a monster next to him. 

Super Tio stood back to observe this little monster

This monster was hungry

Super Tio could tell

The monster’s stomach was no match for Super Tio’s ears

He heard it all

Super Tio looked around for Super Tariq and heard a crunch

The little monster ran off

Super Tio discovered two monster size bites out of the peaches

Not cool little monster 

Super Tio knew what he had to do

He flew to the monster

Told him about the fruit

The little monster acted as if he did not know

Super Tio laughed HAHAHAHAHA

Super Tio showed the evidence to the little monster 

Super Tio asked are you sure you have not seen this?

Suddenly a bigger monster appeared from behind some grapes

This bigger monster was the little monster’s father

He asked the little monster did he do that? 

The little monster was scared ๐Ÿ˜ต

The little monster tried to run

But the bigger one caught him

  1. The bigger monster said you little menace stop eating all the food. Everybody has to follow the rules. No matter if you are a Super Tio, a Big monster, or a Small monster. 

The little menace and the Big monster left after paying for the peach

Super Tio was sad.

Why was super Tio sad?

The little menace ate his peach he wanted!!!!