Baba Pierre

Baba Pierre by KKDLN

Shut the hell up was the last thing you said
I’m looking at the ceiling I think I’m dead
My body lifted off the ground swiftness
I’m in the nurses office now
I think I’m down with a sickness
I’m not sic said the nurse
She pulls out her flip phone out from her purse
I hear heavy breathing from behind me
Head still fuzzy who could that be
He is a giant man about six five
This was the first time I felt alive
I had been told I had got attacked by a group of niggas
Gang banging like they family
imitating some killas
They got me for my shit left me leaking
Hit me so hard I was hardly speaking
Could not remember much from that time
These MF wouldn’t catch a case
They wouldn’t see a dime
But this ain’t about those bitches it’s about the hero
This man saved me when I was at zero
Carried me to the nurse office when I was covered in blood
Stayed by my side the way a father should
He told it’ll be alright
Even if I did lose this fight
You lived thru this
you the man
You got me proud now ima fan
He was always loud but this Time he had
Me speechless
Couldn’t find the words they were in ity bity pieces
His words healed my heart
I had given on humanity right before this part
I was told he was a jolly hoodlum like me
He lived his days the way he wanted and that was free
He followed his creed down to the letter
Even in Michigan’s shitty ass weather
I’m not writing this just because you died
I’m writing this cause you helped change my life
You were the positive roll model we all needed
I know that all of your families members hearts are bleeding
I thank you for the life lesson you taught
None of that can’t sold can’t be bought
I take losses every now and then
But I hold my head up like boss and start over again
We walk tall to stay closer to the sun
The war within has already been won
I’ve done some growing since the last time you saw me
I know your gone but don’t forget about me


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