Son of the man

As the sun sets on the ocean we see the last of that light
That absence in the sky creates darkness
I see a twinkle off to the right
We see a star race across the sky in the night
If you don’t look now it’ll be out of sight

It stutters as it embarks on it’s venture just to send one last message
Scraps are certain you can see it’s vestige
This will be the last time I will shine so bright
Remember my power, my luster, and my might
Father time has won this fight
Remember me not as a dying light
Please Don’t forget me
Atleas not too soon
I’ll meet You someday on the moon

The death of a loved one is crucial we don’t always see it coming
When we are on deaths door, please turn around and start running
We only have one life to live so don’t squander it
Death is always close around, don’t let em catch you wandering

He was only 34 he had the rest of his life
Nobody wanted to stop him from using which cost him nothing but strife
Wife and Kids were concerned and tried to help
He lays on a metal bed, we now see the cards he was dealt.

The old man loved his son, never wanted to see him dead
He was his first born, that was supposed to be him instead
Death by age and not by rage is what the old man mutters
Yesterday I found him crying out back behind the house next to the gutters

Nobody can save this Man now, he has passed on
Realease your grip on his life old man, so you can move on
I’m not a mean person, I can sympathize with the pain
But all this stress can hurt the heart, body, and especially the brain.

In my life the older you are the easier it is for you to die
If we were to lose you over his death that would be the end of this fight
Please don’t mourn your son with your own life
You still have your dogs, birds, daughters, and your wife
They need a father who will stand strong as you do everyday
I haven’t spoke to you yet since we got the news, idk what to say.

Your son was a magnificent man, he did good work
He got me my job, so for the rest of my life I know of his worth
Even if you didn’t approve of me at first
I became a new man this year during my rebirth.

You are a father figure in my life please don’t go off the deep end
I’ve been warned to make sure you are good your hearts not cold no freezing
The heart of the family is in tatters, I know its bleeding
You all feel that his death was some sort of treason

This spring this season was supposed to be my new start
I feel like everything is falling apart
Best believe I will continue to live my life right, Some From What You Told Me
I will live to be 100 and enjoy everything to fullest, not boring like the old me
I can mentally see what new things I have coming my way
I never thought change would come from a death the day before yesterday.

I won’t die before you old man
It will take time I understand
But please remember one thing before I go
I love you old man
No homo.


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