Sad boi

Sad boy
Sad boy

Why are you sad?

You live an almost good life.

Why not be glad?

You are not a dad

You are no hero

But you are most certainly not Bad!

Why so sad?

Why so down?

Are you hurt!?

404 love is not found!

You feel like you lost something?

Oh what could that be?

A little piece of yourself?

I’m still listening…

You once found a beautiful soul

Who could never be tamed.

charisma like breath of a fire

Akin to a majestic flame.

Her words more alluring

Than the sirens of homer.

She was never a loner.

She was even a stoner.

The perfect girl,

What did you do?

For her to leave you

And make you lose your cool?

She has found a partner?!

Somebody better…..?

I get it now…..

I wish that I met her….

Sad boy
Sad boy

Here is my advice

Sad boy
Sad boy

Keep your head held high

Please move on!

This flame is burning!

And you are stuck on the last song

I hope you are learning!

Sad boy
Sad boy

Be strong

You know being close to that kind of heat is wrong.



Being left behind is always sad

The powers that be also took my grandad

They are indiscriminate but also stay true

We the remnants only know of one color

That color is Blue

Why take them so fast

I needed more time

Their time was not now

Stop telling me these lies

I cry and cry that

Our time was short

I remember all the times we played together

Do you remember the fort?

The days of glory where we were kings and queens

We did whatever

whenever we pleased

The sky is said to a place of freedom

I do believe it

I know from experience

I have seen it

There is no rush to the limit

Let’s bide our time

We can still build forts

What a time to be alive

This was supposed to help us

But it actually low key triggered me

I feel like poems of this nature

Always gets the best of me

But i digress

It’s all just stress

That we miss them

Cause they were the best

So I trust you will get better

Even if you don’t want to

If you need strength

I can lend you some

I’m not a bum