His friend

What if I was not around

Would you still remember my words or my powerful sound

Would you remember my jokes

Making silly faces like a clown

Would you even try to find me? Would you be down?

I know if You were not here I would start a search

Start at your favorite place taco bell
Probably end up at the church

If I still couldn’t find you, I would think that I’m the worst

I wouldn’t give up, I need to quench this thirst

Not seeing you anymore brings me pain, my heart hurts

As my knees bucks and hit the ground with my face in the dirt

Remembering back when the only stress I had was losing my favorite shirt

Just remember one thing it still hurts

Can you look back on those days of utter bliss

I’ll see you someday, know that you are dearly missed

Whenever I think of you I throw up my black fist.

Your death destroyed more of me than I could ever list

When madre found out she was super pissed
She hasn’t been the same since

It didnt matter if you knew who you were

If you wore pink panties or fox skin furs

We were buddies the amigos

If quavo and offset leave there ain’t no migos

You were always one of us to the very end

That’s another reason I could call you my one true friend.

Loyalty will take you home now

I still miss it when you are not here to say oh holy cow.

I never knew what made you take your life

But one day I’ll talk about you to my kids and to my wife

I’ll see you someday soon

When my life reaches its end

I’ll meet you on the moon


Alma Gemela

If I erase you from my mind
I will not be hurt
No more jealousy nothing
but compassion and support
Or trying to summoning a killa like Tom Riddle no Voldemort

The pain will be gone with the flip of a switch
I won’t tell you either because momma ain’t raise no snitch
Will I miss what we had?
You Damn right I will!
Nobody in this world can make me feel how you made me feel.

This isn’t goodbye it’s just the next chapter
When we are older we can go back and read it
Just right after
We get done drinking and smoking
Ending that night with laughter
I guarantee when I’m older I’ll probably be fatter😅

We are The best of friends but my feelings are just a bit too much
I don’t want to be a burden not even a fuss.
So I just shut them off so I can stop this sadness
I want to remember what it was like when I could touch happiness

These thoughts are now locked up and I just said goodbye
The facade you will see next we meet is the reason why
I’m not good with internal struggle or grief
But I feel a little better now with this newly formed release

This is my last time i will say this out loud
I love you girl and I am very proud
You made me into a stronger person today
Now I’m going to change my soul And stop being so ugly

May love and fortune take you on a grand journey
May you never end up in a hospital gurney
Please be safe into the night
wake each morning to the morning light.
If I die before you wake
know that my soul will protect you
And keep you safe.

Bye bye 🖤


When you walk Do you stay true to the path and walk forward

When you love a girl, Is the love towards her, Or for her?

Is it truly that simple, Whatever they say Love is

Some kind of divine intervention descending on us from up above

Or is love more like show biz

Something so tangible yet well orchestrated

Love has most fulfilled and yet some feeling frustrated.

Just like a dove in the wind

We can one day rise

Because true love does not come in only 1 shape nor 1 size.

The true game in life is to win the prize

True love is something that truly makes you feel alive.

Just one more night

1. That one touch I craved
2. That was all it took
3. Had my legs shaking
4. Literally I was shook
5. Didn’t know this feeling
6. Love is weird
7. It has a strange look
8. I want to do more for her
9. But atlas
10. But I can’t even cook
11. Everytime I talk to her
12. Im Just a babling brook
13. Spouting nonsense
14. Everywhere that I look
15. A thief in the night
16. Movements of a crook
17. I learned all of this
18. Just from reading some book
19. But no matter what I say
20. She always sees the light
21. At the end of the day
22. With all my power I just might
23. Stay alive and wait for her
24. Just one more night.

A Simple Touch

1. A brush on the shoulder
2. Or a quick ruffle through my hair
3. Maybe our eyes may meet
4. Lock!
5. And I get lost in your stare
6. Just your simple touch is all I crave
7. Nothing more could get me thru the day
8. Warm hands that touch my body
9. Moving fast all over my skin like Ricky Bobby
10. I want you too want me, especially
11. But seasons will always change intentionally
12. Just like these emotions
13. They change exponentially
14. Even if they are not up to your standards
15. satisfactory.
16. My emotion will never waiver
17. I stand by what the heart believes
18. Even if what I believe will one day make me bleed.

Not Again

I didn’t say it again today

But I saw your smile

I Didn’t even stay long..

Never said I would stay awhile.

You looked cute in that denim.

I’m still jealous that you look so good with him.

I hope he treats you right,

I hope he has no struggles.

In this life I hope he give you the utmost bestest snuggles!

The best every night, With all his might!

This is just a message to pass the time.

Not kill the current vibe

I know being you is hard, you are one of a kind

Just know I love you

Even though i didnt say it.

No matter if your love is Legit

I’ll always be your

One of a kind misfit✌🏾

Next time let’s drink to it😁